Another question that we field from buyers all the time in South Tampa is about installing a natural gas connection to utility lines that are in many South Tampa Neighborhoods like Virginia Park & Palma Ceia, among others.

With one of our preferred builders, Mobley Homes Custom, the pricing is fairly straight forward. 4 gas drops with a direct connection to a gas utility line in front of your new home will run you about $3600 to start. A pool connection is not included there, so that would be an additional $650-$750.

One big variable in cost is the proximity of the neighborhood gas lines to the new house. If the line already runs in front of the home there is no extra charge... but if it is merely down the street or at the corner the cost to extend that line will ultimately passed on to the buyer. This cost can run about $20-$25 per linear foot from some recent quotes we've gotten from TECO Energy. So this amount can easily be anywhere from $2000-$9000 dependng on where the line is currently located.

For this reason, and the fact that some neighborhoods don't have gas lines at all... they also offer a propane tank option for the same price, starting at $3600 for 4 drops not including a pool.

It is so critical that you make the decision to install gas prior to getting permits ordered from the city... and preferably having this upgrade in place as part of your contract. Waiting until after the permitting process is started, or after the home is already being built can add considerable costs to the project. 

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What natural gas cost to install in South Tampa?