How much should I budget for an above stove pot filler and range hood in my custom home in South Tampa... and when do I need to add this upgrade when I'm buying new construction?

Many families decide to buy a new home when they want to upgrade the kitchen… especially if they do a lot of cooking. Preparing meals can be exhausting too… and there are so many things that can lead to the chef in your home dealing with unnecessary effort and stress.

One big stress that I’ve experienced more than enough times is setting off the smoke alarm due to poor ventilation around the kitchen… and lugging heavy, full pots of water from the sink to the stove can be a big hassle... especially if you’re dodging kids, pets, family and house guests too.

That’s probably why features like above stove range hoods and pot fillers are so popular with South Tampa families buying new construction. Now, you need to plan ahead to include these options in your new construction home… as these are choices that need to be installed along with all of the other plumbing in the home.

In order to help you make that decision, which will usually need to be done before permits are submitted, you should probably know how much to budget. Keep in mind there are as many as items that will be on your price list… the price for the plumbing for each feature... and the price for the fixture (hood & pot filler)... and finally the price of the housing of the range hood which may also be part of your cabinetry package.

To keep things simple… and because there are so many fixture and cabinetry choices out there… I’m going to suggest that you start your budget at around $1500 for the above range hood and about $1000 for the pot filler. The plumbing charge will vary from time to time based on the labor pool situation… and the fixtures and cabinet options depend on you and the choices available. Obviously some hardware and cabinetry will cost more and other options will cost less.

In general terms, you can add both starting at around $2500… keep in mind the picture was probably a bit higher than that due to the cabinetry choice the buyer made around the exhaust and the higher-end fixture.

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Your South Tampa New Home Guide,

Robert Wilson
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